Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed Shift Falken Demo

Demo dedicated to the Porsche GT3 RSR


  • New ride to try out
  • Two tracks to race on
  • Excellent presentation


  • Sound quality could be better


Need for Speed Shift Falken Demo gives race-aholics a taste of trying out a new ride in the latest installment of the popular Need for Speed series.

If you live for racing video games, Need for Speed is probably on the top of your list. Available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP, as well as your PC, the game's undeniably a highly addictive adrenaline rush.

Need for Speed Shift marks a turn away from the game's roots of street racing and challenges players to race their favorite vehicles on an actual race track. The graphics are superb, making players feel as though they're right in the thick of the action. Need for Speed Shift also has a great presentation, and two tracks to enjoy.

In this demo version of Need for Speed Shift, a new ride is included. As the demo's name suggests, users can try out the Falken Porsche GT3 RSR. It's definitely an experience.

Unfortunately, Need for Speed Shift's sound quality isn't the greatest. It's a small nitpick, but might be an irritation for people who want the most realistic experience possible.

Need for Speed Shift's Falken Demo doesn't add a whole lot to the original game, but for diehard fans it's an opportunity to try another new ride.

Need for Speed Shift


Need for Speed Shift Falken Demo

User reviews about Need for Speed Shift

  • by Anonymous

    can not able to install.
    it stucks while loading, cant able to play ...windows8 64 bit size ...   More